Inspired by Nature

The Cook Islands are a remote atoll and volcanic chain of 15 small islands, spread out over two million square kilometres in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

It is no surprise our natural environment plays a significant role in our daily lives, especially our company.


As a tribute,

Bergman & Sons have designed an iconic range of jewellery celebrating the life of the marine and land animals that surround us. Octopus, Stingrays, Blue Starfish, Rarotonga Roosters, Parrots, Dragonflies, Buzzy Bees, & the God of the Sea and Heavens, Tangaroa, all feature in this bespoke jewellery range.


Buzzy Bee Brooch

Perched on your winter jacket, the Buzzy Bee is the definitive symbol of Nature reborn.

18ct Yellow Gold Buzzy Bee Brooch, Orange & Yellow Sapphires with Black & White Diamonds.

16.5mm Semi Baroque Pearl.


Octopus Ring

The chameleon of the lagoons, the Octopus can change colour and blend into its natural environment. Our Octopus ring in 18ct Rose Gold features Orange, Pink & Blue Sapphires, Amethyst and Diamonds.

12.7mm Round Pearl.