The Nature of Black Pearls

By definition, Pearls captivate the senses. Lustre, colour, shape and size define their attraction, Pearls are the original gemstone of mankind.




Cook Islands Black Pearls are cultivated on the northern group Island of Manihiki, 1200 kilometres northwest of the capital Island Rarotonga. With a population of just 240 people, the pearl community on Manihiki is impossibly small, a resilient group of individuals that face daily challenges on the tiny atoll in the greater Pacific Ocean they call home.

Manihiki is the home of the Black Lipped oyster shell or Pinctada Margaritifera. This magnificent, large colourful oyster shell is collected and carefully seeded in a remarkable partnership between nature and mankind.

Black Pearls take on the body colour of their host shell, predominantly dark, with silver, green, blue, rose and platinum highlights. Sizes typically range from 8-14mm in Round/Semi Round, Semi Baroque (drop/button), Baroque and Circle shapes.

Harvests are collected and sold on Rarotonga with some Pearls exported to Japan, New Zealand and Australia.


Cook Islands Black Pearls


Manihiki Black Pearls, with natural colours, reflecting the breathtaking beauty of their pristine South Pacific lagoon environment.

Manihiki Atoll


The remote Atoll of Manihiki in the Northern Cook Islands, a large lagoon surrounded by narrow strips of land (Motu). Resilience, strength and fortitude define its small population.